5 Unforgettable Scary Movies With Real-Life Houses

Halloween is drawing near, ushering in tricks, treats, and all things spooky. At Step By Step Inspections, we’re particularly fond of houses. Consequently, we thought reviewing scary movies featuring real-life houses might be fun. Whether notable for the architecture, haunting, or otherwise, we put together a list of five scary movies with real-life unforgettable houses. Keep reading to learn more.

5 Unforgettable Scary Movies With Real-Life Houses

1. Haunting of Hill House

Shirley Jackson’s 1959 book, The Haunting of Hill House, is considered one of the best ghost stories ever written. Perhaps that’s why it sparked film adaptations in 1963 and 1999 before Netflix hosted the most recent series. The house, which can arguably be considered one of the characters, differed from movie to movie.

The house in the original movie is located in England. However, the Netflix series was filmed in Atlanta and the house is a mansion in LaGrange. While they didn’t include the home’s interior, the exterior displays a majestic English Tudor-style mansion with lush gardens situated amidst a beautiful estate.

2. The Conjuring

The Perron family ranch house from The Conjuring was based on a real home located in Harrisville, Rhode Island. The Harrisville house was originally built in 1736 and is still standing today. Generations of families lived on the property before the Perron family met with violent ends. However, the seller neglected to disclose the property’s history, and the Perrons were terrorized almost immediately after moving in. Another family now owns the house, which sits on 8.5 acres and is a private residence. However, if you’re feeling brave, you can rent a room overnight.

3. The Amityville Horror

The house featured in The Amityville Horror is a real house located at 112 Ocean Avenue in Amityville, New York. In 1974, Ronald DeFeo Jr. killed six family members in a gruesome murder. The Lutz family then purchased the home only to flee within a month due to paranormal activity. Rumors about the crime and the resulting haunting sparked a series of films. Subsequent owners renovated the house, which is a private residence today.

4. Psycho

The Bates Mansion from Psycho is a real-life house inasmuch as it’s an actual constructed home. However, it was built on the Universal lot specifically for filming. Moreover, the right and back sides of the home weren’t constructed until after the film’s completion. Once completed, the home opened to tours. It was eventually dismantled in the 1970s. The home’s site is now a parking lot for Universal Studios Hollywood.

5. Poltergeist

The famous Freeling family home from Poltergeist is a real home in Agoura Hills, California. The home was originally built in the late 1970s and still stands today. Unlike other movie homes on our list, this one didn’t require extensive exterior renovations for filming. However, the home’s interior was gutted and rebuilt to accommodate filming.

Before You Move, Inspect

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