6 Tips To Prepare for a Home Inspection

You accepted an offer on your house, the appraisal came in where you wanted it, and now you have to get through the inspection. Sounds easy, right? Perhaps it will be. If, however, you feel anxious about what the inspection may uncover, take advantage of these six things we at Step By Step Inspections recommend to prepare for a home inspection.

Six Ways to Prepare for a Home Inspection

1. Clean the House

Does the cleanliness of your home impact the elements of a general home inspection? No. Does the cleanliness of your home provide an impression of you as a homeowner? Sure, it does. When you go into a home for the first time, you immediately recognize its condition. Whether you are invited as a guest to a friend’s home for the first time, or you’re providing service for a customer, you notice if the home is clean and picked up, and you especially notice if it’s a disaster. Your home doesn’t have to be spotless, but ensuring it is clean and orderly before the inspection goes a long way.

2. Find a Place to Go for Several Hours

Inspections generally require the homeowner’s absence. With the homeowner gone, the inspector can walk through unencumbered and thoroughly inspect the property. Inspectors inspect for a living. Whatever situation your home is in, the odds are the inspector has experienced it before. The standard inspection lasts around three hours without the homeowner present.

3. Grant Your Inspector Access 

The inspector needs access to multiple systems and areas of the home. Consequently, there are several things you can do to make areas accessible. First, clear boxes and items away from the furnace and water heater. Next, make sure you leave keys to any place with a lock, such as garages, attics, or outdoor buildings. Finally, remove brush and debris from any exterior inspection points. 

4. Provide Receipts

If you’ve made any recent repairs or maintenance around the house, please provide that documentation. You can also include proof of recent investments, such as windows, roof, HVAC unit, and more. Leave a folder or stack of appropriate documentation in a visible place in the home. 

5. Leave Items Turned On

Before you leave, make sure the lights are on in the home. If you live elsewhere at the inspection time, please make every effort to keep utilities going during the inspection. The pilot light should also remain lit.

6. Proactively Fix Problems

Before the inspection, you may choose to take the initiative to fix anything you know will be captured in an inspection report. Rotting wood, electrical issues, water leaks, and environmental issues such as mold or radon are sure to catch attention. You can also remediate any pool or spa issues. In this way, you can correct issues in advance and limit areas of concern in the report.

Prepare for a Home Inspection with Us

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