Scary Stories about Home Inspections Gone Wrong

Homebuyers sometimes decline their right to a home inspection for a variety of reasons. We understand the South Carolina real estate market can be competitive, and time may be limited. Still, we at Step By Step Inspections don’t believe there’s ever an excellent reason to waive a home inspection. You may find you agree with us after reading scary stories about home inspections (just in time for Halloween).

Scary Stories about Home Inspections Gone Wrong

Ghoulish Smells & Scary Sounds

Some people believe ghosts exist, and you can tell when it smells like something died. On the other hand, you might be smelling raw sewage. Multiple backed-up drains, strange sounds in the walls, and foul smells could mean sewer line issues. Depending on the extent of the problem, you could have to invest thousands of dollars and rip up your entire yard to repair or replace it. Why go through that when you can avoid the problem with a sewer line evaluation?

Spooky Structural Integrity

Do you hear things that go bump in the night in your new home? Hopefully, it’s not a foundation issue. A home’s foundation provides the structural support for the entire rest of the house. Therefore, it’s never good when foundation issues occur. Skipping even a general home inspection removes the possibility of spotting seriously scary issues when you prepare to buy a new home. 

Mysterious Growing Life Forms

When it comes to residential properties, mysterious growing life forms probably aren’t from close encounters with an out-of-world life form. Instead, it’s usually some mold or a wood-destroying organism. Homeowners can mitigate most mold issues; however, some present health hazards. Even less harmful, mold can exacerbate allergies and present a threat to those with respiratory illnesses. Of course, black mold means everyone needs to vacate the house, and no one wants that. A mold inspection, however, removes that threat beforehand.

Unwanted Stranger Visits

Did you know that people sometimes find other strangers living in their house? As scary as that sounds, it’s true. Often, the unknown guests simply look for a warm place to stay out of sight. However, others may have worse intentions. Garages, basements, and attics are prime locations for these invaders, but sometimes they even get under flooring and in the walls!

Let a Home Inspection Help Calm Your Fears

Are you sufficiently creeped out by our scary stories about home inspections? We wish we could say these are just scary tales of make-believe, but they’re not. Now more than ever, home inspections are necessary to provide you assurance and confidence that you’re making the best home-buying decision you can. Investing in a home inspection now can save you so much money in repair and replacement costs down the road. If you live in Charleston, Goose Creek, Mount Pleasant, or the surrounding areas, contact Step By Step Inspections at (843) 870-8726 and get a free quote.