The Difference Between General Versus 4-Point Inspections

Are you a homeowner or in the process of home buying? If so, then it’s essential to understand the different kinds of inspections that can be performed on your property. General and 4-point inspections may sound similar, but they differ significantly in what they assess. In this blog post, Step By Step Inspections explains precisely what these two types of inspections entail.

The Difference Between General Versus 4-Point Inspections

General Versus 4-Point Home Inspections

A 4-point home inspection comprehensively assesses a home’s specific structural components and mechanical systems. It focuses on four main areas: the roof, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC system. Compared to a traditional home inspection, which typically covers the visible condition of the structure and functioning of visible fixtures, a 4-point provides an in-depth look into these four specific areas. For example, an inspector will more thoroughly investigate the age and corrosion of the plumbing system’s interior and exterior piping. 

What to Expect During A Home Inspection

Before purchasing a home, it is important to go through an inspection. During an inspection, the inspector will typically review critical areas to determine if any repairs or maintenance may be needed. Upon completion, the inspector issues a report. The report should include detailed photographs and explanations from the inspector that document any issues that need to be addressed. While it can be nerve-racking, an inspection is fundamental to ensure you make a safe purchase decision when buying your new home.

How To Decide

Knowing when to get a general home inspection instead of a 4-point inspection can be tricky. The 4-point inspection is typically used by insurance companies when considering issuing insurance or changing its terms or coverage for an existing building. A complete general home inspection may be necessary to assess elements such as insulation, ventilation ducts, and fireplaces. Ultimately, deciding between the two inspections comes down to understanding the particular needs of your situation. Hence, it’s essential to talk with an expert before deciding.

Tips for Preparing for Your Home Inspection

No matter what inspection you get, you should be prepared. Spend some time inspecting the roof from ground level, looking for signs of wear and tear, such as loose flashing or missing shingles. Have any fire safety items such as carbon monoxide detectors or smoke alarms checked or replaced as necessary and clear any blockages in air vents or exhaust outlets. Finally, keep clutter to a minimum around furnaces, water heaters, or other major appliances so that the inspector can access these areas quickly. 

When it comes down to choosing between inspections, getting a professional opinion is vital! If you’re considering having any home inspection done in Charleston or Myrtle Beach, call Step By Step Inspections at (843) 870-8726 to schedule an inspection.