What to Expect During a Pool Inspection

Buying a new home is an exciting experience. In southern climates like North Carolina’s, it’s not uncommon to purchase a home with a pool. Did you know, though, that home inspections don’t include the pool? In this post, Step By Step Inspections explains why you should include a pool inspection with the home inspection, and what to expect.

What To Expect During a Pool Inspection

Pool Structure and Material

During your pool inspection, a qualified inspector will look for cracks, tears, and general damage to the tile, vinyl, plaster, or other material. They’ll also look for missing coping and observe the quality and integrity of the decking. The goal isn’t to check for perfection. However, the inspector will document any major issues and anything requiring repair. After all, pools can be expensive, and you’ll need to know that everything is functioning as it should.

Pool Equipment 

In addition to structural integrity, the inspector will observe each pool component. For example, the pump is an essential component of pool equipment. Therefore, the inspector will check its force, water circulation, and overall functioning. 

Pool Filter

The pool filter traps dirt, debris, insects, and other small items in order to keep the pool clean. It’s important to use the correct filter for your pool and to maintain and clean it regularly. Otherwise, the filter won’t do its job. 

Pool Heater

Not every pool has a heater. However, the ones that do will be included in the pool inspection. Whether the heater is propane, solar, or electric, the pool inspector will review its functioning. Additionally, they will perform a risk assessment and ensure its properly grounded. Finally, the inspector checks for energy efficiency, which is important so you don’t waste money. 

Plumbing and Electrical Inspection

Just like with a house, a pool’s plumbing and electrical systems should be in good working order. These systems support the pool’s functioning and need to be running properly. Therefore, they’ll check for things like grounding, making sure there aren’t any leaks in the water lines. 

Multiple Inspections. One Company. It’s That Simple.

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