Professional Mold Testing

If you suspect a mold issue in your Charleston area home, call the reliable mold inspectors at Step By Step Inspections. We have been providing professional mold testing services to residents for more than 30 years. We proudly serve Charleston, SC, and the surrounding areas of Myrtle Beach, North Charleston, Goose Creek, Mount Pleasant, and Summerville. Contact us at (843) 870-8726 for an instant quote or schedule online now.

How Dangerous Is Mold?

Mold is one of the most common causes of allergic symptoms in individuals according to current medical studies. It can cause other significant health disorders as well. Step By Step Inspections recommends mold testing for your Charleston area home if you spot any of these signs below:

Visible mold

Mildew-like odors

Moisture problems

High humidity issues

How We Test Your Home for Mold

Mold Testing and Testing Process Charleston SC

  1. 1
    Step 1

    We begin by testing specific areas of concern in your home such as locations where mold growth is visible and areas where mold is likely to be present.

  2. 2
    Step 2

    All samples are taken to a trusted professional laboratory for analysis.

  3. 3
    Step 3

    We will send you a report within three business days and include information such as the absence or presence of mold in your home as well as the types and amounts of mold we find during the inspection.


For Visible Mold Problems

Price with a home inspection. Additional fees apply if conducted outside of a home inspection

Surface Testing

A Step By Step inspector will take a surface sample of the area in question when visible mold is present in your home. Our surface mold test includes one (1) physical sample of the defective area. When there are multiple areas that need to be tested, additional samples may be necessary.

*Additional samples are $45 each

What Surface Tests Reveal

  • The presence of harmful indoor molds

  • The presence of spores and their risk exposure

  • If mold was previously removed from an existing area in the home

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For Identifying Problems in the Breathing Air

Price with a home inspection. Additional fees apply if conducted outside of a home inspection.

Air Quality Testing

When you need to identify specific problems with the air inside your home, Step By Step Inspections recommends an air quality test. The only way to discover if there are invisible mold spores located in your home is to conduct this specific type of mold test. An air quality test is also an ideal option to verify the effectiveness of any past mold remediations.

Our indoor air quality mold test includes one (1) indoor air sample of the affected area and one (1) control/baseline sample on the exterior of the structure. If the area of concern is larger or if multiple levels in the home need to be tested, additional samples may be required.

*Additional samples are $45 each

What Air Quality Tests Reveal

  • If there are harmful spores present in the air

  • If indoor mold counts pose a risk to the indoor air quality

  • If there are any possible areas of mold growth, moisture intrusion, or humidity problems

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For Complete Peace of Mind

Price with a home inspection. Additional fees apply if conducted outside of a home inspection.

Air & Surface

For complete peace of mind for you and your family, we recommend having an air and surface mold test conducted in your Charleston area home. Both tests can properly analyze the entire affected area. The Air & Surface package includes one (1) indoor air sample, one (1) control/baseline sample on the home’s exterior, and one (1) surface test of the affected area. Each additional surface/air sample is $45. If our mold testing is not completed during a home inspection, there is a trip fee of $50.

*Additional samples are $45 each

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Contact the mold inspectors today at Step By Step Inspections to find out more about our professional mold testing solutions. Call our office at (843) 870-8726 for an instant quote or schedule online now. For over 30 years, we have been providing several home services to the Charleston area such as sewer line evaluations, new construction inspections, free inspection warranties, and more.

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