Radon Testing

For more than 30 years, Step By Step Inspections has been conducting essential radon testing throughout Charleston, SC. A radon test can make a huge difference between a healthy, long-lasting life and a lifetime of health issues. Get an instant quote today by contacting us at (843) 870-8726 or schedule online now. We proudly serve Charleston, SC, and all nearby communities including North Charleston, Goose Creek, Myrtle Beach, Mount Pleasant, and Summerville.

Does My Home Need a Radon Test?

Radon is a deadly gas that is created as uranium decays below the surface of the earth. It is a carcinogen that is considered a national health problem. Because it is odorless, colorless, and tasteless, it is an extremely dangerous element that cannot be detected by conventional means. For the reasons listed below, it is imperative to have your home tested for radon:

Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers

It is extremely difficult to detect

Radon can access homes through small cracks and openings in the walls, floors, and other areas

Regardless of when and where the home was built, radon can be found in any home in the Charleston area

Radon Inspections with Immediate Results

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) highly encourages radon inspections for all homes listed on the market. This is the only way to uncover any possible radon issues inside your Charleston area home. Radon testing from Step By Step Inspections consists of a continuous 48-hour radon gas test. When the test is complete, results are immediately available.

Radon Testing New Home in Charleston SC

New Homes & Radon Testing

While many believe that newly built homes cannot contain radon, this is simply not true. While the building materials may be new, the soil on which the home is constructed can certainly contain radon. Your local Step By Step Inspections team recommends radon testing for your new home construction in Charleston and the surrounding areas.

Radon Testing Available throughout Charleston

Make the best decision for you and your family with a radon test from Step By Step Inspections. Schedule online now or get an instant quote by calling (843) 870-8726. We gladly provide several inspection services such as sewer line evaluations, light commercial inspections, thermal imaging/infrared inspections, and general home inspections.

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