Repair Estimates

At Step By Step Inspections, we take pride in giving our clients the knowledge and confidence they need to make wise home buying and selling decisions. That’s why we offer repair estimates as part of our home inspection service. Get an instant quote by calling (843) 870-8726 or schedule online now.

Repair Estimates for Your Home

Each one of our home inspections includes an opportunity to receive our helpful repair estimate service. Not only will this save you time from gathering repair estimates on your own, but it also gives you a thorough understanding of the repair costs associated with any issues found during the inspection. We have partnered with Porch, one of the leading home improvement marketplaces in the industry today. This valuable service will give you a detailed repair estimate report based on any damaged areas we find during your inspection.

Our repair estimate will help you:

Save time

Reduce stress

Negotiate faster

Budget properly

How Do Our Repair Estimates Work?

Once your home inspection is complete, you can order a detailed repair estimate report for each item that is listed in the home inspection report. The repair estimate report is $80 and includes information such as:

  • Repair estimates for defective items
  • Whole home repair estimate
  • Detailed listing of issues that need to be corrected
  • Specific actions that should be taken to repair each problem area
Sample Report
Property Inspection Repair Estimates Charleston SC

Take Advantage of Our Valuable Repair Estimates

Don’t spend hours of your time gathering repair estimates for your newly purchased home. Allow us to eliminate the stress that often accompanies home improvement projects and repairs with our detailed repair estimate reports. Along with the repair estimates, our home inspections also include our five free warranties, including a roof leak warranty and a mold growth warranty.

Serving Charleston, SC for over 30 years, we are also proud to serve the areas of North Charleston, Goose Creek, Mount Pleasant, Summerville, and the nearby communities with our residential and commercial inspections. Call us today for an instant quote at (843) 870-8726 or you can conveniently schedule online now.

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