Wind Mitigation Inspections

Step By Step Inspections can inspect your home for key features intended to reduce the amount of damage caused by high winds during a hurricane or tropical storm. We proudly serve the Charleston, SC, area along with North Charleston, Goose Creek, Mount Pleasant, Myrtle Beach, Summerville, and beyond. Get an instant quote for our wind mitigation services in Charleston, SC, or nearby by calling (843) 870-8726 or schedule online now.

Professional Wind Mitigation Services

A professional wind mitigation inspection can help you save money on your insurance premiums by determining which credits apply for insurance purposes. Many existing homes in the Charleston area qualify for discounts that homeowners may not be aware of. Let our professional wind mitigation inspectors do the hard work on your behalf and help you save money in the process.

What Is a Wind Mitigation Inspection?

A wind mitigation inspection documents wind-related construction features that help reduce the amount of damage caused by a hurricane, windstorm, or tropical storm. These findings often result in significant savings for the homeowner by lowering their insurance premiums. Often, no changes need to be made to your home to qualify for these discounts. Specifically, a windstorm inspection:

  • Documents wind-related construction features.
  • Determines opportunities for insurance premium savings if adding wind resistive construction features.
Wind Mitigation in Charleston, SC
Charleston, SC Wind Mitigation Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of wind discounts can I receive for my homeowner’s insurance?

  • Location of your home
  • Value of your home
  • Amount of wind resistive features in your home

What type of construction features qualify for wind mitigation discounts?

  • Specific wind mitigation roof coverings
  • Roof decks installed with large nails and close spacing
  • Secondary water-resistant features
  • Unique hurricane clips and straps that hold the roof structure to the walls
  • Particular roof shapes and internal bracing
  • Impact-resistant glazing or other protection systems for openings in the home

Hire the Wind Mitigation Inspectors at Step By Step

Determine if you qualify for any homeowner insurance premium discounts with our wind mitigation inspections. Get an instant quote by calling (843) 870-8726 or schedule online now. Take advantage of our many home inspection solutions such as radon testing, 4-point inspections, new construction inspections, pre-listing inspections, mold testing, and many more.

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