Should I Get a Mold Inspection Before I Buy a New Home?

With the real estate market on fire, some potential homebuyers include waiving inspections as part of their offer. However, Step By Step Inspections does not recommend waiving the home, pest, pool, or mold inspection. Instead, whether you currently own or you are attempting to buy, we recommend following through on the inspection, and here’s why.

Should I Get a Mold Inspection Before I Buy a New Home?

What If There’s No Visible Mold?

Visible mold clearly indicates a mold issue in the home. However, mold sometimes lurks in the air, behind walls, or in the HVAC system. In those cases, a more in-depth mold inspection is necessary to identify the issue. During the inspection, the inspector takes air samples and swabs, and sends them to a lab. If the samples test positive for mold, the results usually indicate the type of mold and estimated spore count.  

Why is this important? Some people are susceptible to mold, especially those with respiratory issues. Some are allergic to mold and may react, whereas others may experience ongoing colds. At the same time, other people experience no side effects at all. However, some mold is toxic to people, no matter their sensitivity. For these reasons, it’s important to know whether your new home is harboring mold. 

Are Mold Inspections Included in Home Inspections?

A mold inspection is not automatically included in a home inspection. Moreover, some home inspectors aren’t certified in mold inspections, nor do they carry the detectors. In fact, not every state requires licensure. Since there is no national standard, it makes sense to talk about mold with your home inspector. Ensure the inspector possesses the ability and credentials required, as well as the right testing equipment. 

Where Does Mold Hide?

Mold frequently lingers in various places throughout the HVAC system. Air ducts, furnaces, and vent covers all provide dark, moist areas where mold flourishes. Keep in mind that the HVAC system circulates air throughout the entire house. Therefore, when mold exists in the system, its spores circulate through the entire home. 

Stagnant mold causes issues, too. You may be somewhat surprised to learn that mold resides in attics and crawl spaces. Unfortunately, non-certified home inspectors sometimes miss mold in these locations. Why? Mold sometimes hides under cover of paint and dirt in these locations.   


Your health, and that of your loved ones, is important. Identifying mold before purchasing a new home demonstrates wisdom, and saves time and money. Without this knowledge, you may regret your substantial investment if you need to deal with health issues and mold remediation costs. Finally, select a home inspector licensed in mold inspections with proper equipment. Step By Step Inspections provides thorough home, mold, and wind mitigation inspections in Charleston and the surrounding areas. To schedule your inspection, call (843) 870-8726, or request a quote online today, and let us ensure confidence in your new home purchase.